The World of Yerth


NOTICE - I am unable to DM on Thursday 7th Oct.  I'm moving that day. We can discuss alternate plans this Thursday.

Welcome to the World of Yerth. This is a D&D 4E comapign that started in July 2010.
These pages outline what the players know about the world they inhabit. This is a player guide only and does not contain any information known only to the DM.

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Campaign style
This is a strongly story-driven campaign and it is aimed at the player who enjoys unravelling a mystery and potentially influencing global events. It is not a campaign aimed at the “hack and slash” enthusiast.

Numerous external events will unfold in a predetermined timeline, and the players will have the opportunity to decide how they interact with those events. 

Information is a powerful commodity in this campaign and players should always seek to find more of it and to make use of what they have found. There are XP bonuses for obtaining information, and additional rewards for “interpreting” information (see the “Experience” section under House Rules ). 

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