Yerth Character Advancement Table

The Yerth campaign features a custom character advancement table. It results in characters who are slightly more powerful at higher levels. XP points required has not changed.
Notes on above

Feats do not include any racial/class bonus feats.

At Level 13, the L1 Encounter power becomes an At-Will power.
At Level 15, the L1 Daily power becomes an Encounter power.
At Level 17, the L3 Encounter power becomes an At-Will power.
Above level 17 powers are added, not replaced.

(p) means a paragon path power
(e) means an epic destiny power

Ardents have a completely progression different system and are not covered by the above table.

Why change it at all?.

The change was made to speed up combat in the paragon tier. Once encounter/daily powers have been used, combat can become very tedious as players whittle away 200HP monsters using fairly timid at-will powers. (At-will powers remain unchanged through level 20, and then they double in strength at level 21)

A corresponding change has been made to the damage dealt by monsters at these levels. Using the above table without adjusting monster damage could easily unbalance the game.

Note to my campaign players - I've play tested these changes by myself in mock-scenarios and so far the changes look good. Regardless, I reserve the right to partially/completely reverse these changes if significant problems occur in actual play.